Discovering My Great-Great-Grandmother’s Grave

Amalia Hoeber's Grave, Schönhauserallee Cemetery, Berlin

My great-great grandfather Eudard Höber, a merchant from Karlsruhe,  married my great-great grandmother Amalie, née Oppenheim, on November 17, 1839.  It was his second marriage, her first;  he was 34, she was 22.  I did a post about their portraits a few weeks ago that you can see here.

I didn’t know much about Amalie (also spelled Amalia), but I did know that her brother, Heinrich Bernhard Oppenheim,  later became a well known jurist, critic and liberal political activist.  In the 1870’s, he was a major opponent of  Heinrich von Treitschke, the notorious Antisemite.  Researching Heinrich Bernhard Oppenheim’s background led to this photograph of his gravestone, and a few feet away from it the gravestone of great-great-grandmother Amalia.

The grave is located in the Schönhauserallee cemetery in the Prenzlauer Berg section of Berlin just a couple of kilometers from the Brandenburg Gate.  The photograph here is from a wonderful series showing the elaborate nineteenth-century grave markers and the tranquil beauty of the cemetery today.  Although heavily damaged, this Jewish cemetery was  not obliterated either by the Nazis nor by the Allied bombing of Berlin in 1945 and much of it has been restored since 1990.  We  stayed near here in the past, but had no idea this grave existed — another reason to return to this reborn city.

The inscription on the grave stone reads:   “Here lies our dearly loved mother and grandmother Amalie Hoeber née Oppenheim, born in Frankfurt on the Main on the 19th of November 1817, died in Berlin on the 15th of January 1895.  Her religion was that of conscientious action and of faithful trust.  Her life was true devotion.  Our gratitude is perpetual love.”  [“Hier ruht unsere heissgeliebte Mutter und Großmutter AMALIA HOEBER geb. OPPENHEIM geboren zu Frankfurt am Main am 19. November 1817 gestorben zu Berlin am 15.  Januar 1895.  Ihre Religion war die des gewissenhaften Handelns und des glaubigen Vertrauens.  Ihr Leben war treue Hingebung , unwandelbare Liebe ist unser Dank.”]

One Comment on “Discovering My Great-Great-Grandmother’s Grave”

  1. Katherine Parkin says:

    What a beautiful inscription and discovery!

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