Taking a Break from the Lab, Woods Hole, 1937

Rudolf and Josephine Höber with Ursula Höber at the wheel, Nobska Point Lighthouse, 1937

The Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory on Cape Cod, MA is one of the world’s preeminent research facilities.  Even before his expulsion by the Nazis in 1934, Rudolf Höber traveled several times from the University of Kiel in Germany to Woods Hole to conduct experimental research in cellular physiology there.  After joining the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School in 1934, he received regular grants to work at the Woods Hole labs  in the summers.  Josephine Höber, a medical doctor by training, collaborated in the laboratory work and in writing up the results.  Rudolf and Josephine’s joint articles were published in the major scientific journals in the field.

In this 1937 photograph, Rudolf stands next to Blue Boy, the Höbers’ eight-cylinder Model B Ford sedan.  Josephine is in the back seat and their daughter Ursula, then 25 and a recent graduate of the Penn Medical School, is in the driver’s seat.  The picture was taken at the Nobska Point Lighthouse, a few miles from Woods Hole.

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